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Keevican Weiss & Bauerle LLC has represented entrepreneurial and high-growth businesses since its inception. We have found that this experience is extremely beneficial in helping us meet the demands of our technology clients. In tandem with our affiliate, Renaissance Partners LLC, we are able to assist our technology clients in obtaining equity and debt capital, both at the start-up stage and in later rounds. We understand the parameters of a reasonable deal and within such parameters will seek to obtain every advantage for our clients. In negotiating key agreements among founders, sources of capital, customers and suppliers, time is frequently of the essence.

We strive to provide timely, as well as sound, legal services to our clients. As our technology clients mature, we are able to provide them with our full range of business services. For example, our intellectual property lawyers can ensure that patents and trademarks are properly protected and our capital markets group can assist in finding and structuring capital resources necessary for our clients' success. We are committed to learning and understanding the businesses of our technology clients in order to maximize the value of our legal advice.


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